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Housing Types

Single family detached
A freestanding home which sits on its own lot and is occupied by only one family.
A single family home that is joined to another one by a common wall.
Two units, one above the other. The owner may live in one unit and rent the other.
Row or townhouse
One of several single family homes joined by common walls. These can be condominium or freehold units.
Link or carriage
Houses, freehold or condominium, joined by garages or carports which provide access between the front and rear yards.
Builders sometimes join basement walls so that link houses appear to be single family homes on small lots.
Highrise condominium
Multi-story residential building containing condominium units. A condominium is not a type of house but a form of ownership.
Mobile or manufactured
A factory-built, single family dwelling that is transported to your chosen location and placed on a foundation.