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Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2015®

Canadian findings.

As we look forward to 2015, the Canadian real estate market appears poised for another steady year. Canada’s economy continues to deliver stable, modest growth, creating an ideal low-risk environment for real estate developers and investors.

Urbanization has become one of the key forces shaping Canada’s real estate markets. Once viewed as an emerging trend, urbanization today is simply the “new normal.” People are flooding into city cores to live close to both work and the lifestyle they crave.

Now, companies and retailers are following them, and this is driving new office and commercial developments in the core. In turn, urbanization is blurring industry lines, as commercial and residential developers explore the opportunities that mixed-use properties bring

Property Management and Rentals

We are also involved in residential property management in Ottawa. We deal directly with clients who want to list their property to rent, and also who need a property manager.

For more information regarding this, contact Larry Balkwill or Conor Mangan at 613-237-2567, info@ottawahomesandcondos.com or by clicking here.

Market UPDATE:


(picture is of October 2014 market)

November 2014 continues the current, and typical year trend, in Ottawa.

There were 170 condos sold in November 2014 as compared to 174 condos in 2013. A decrease of 2.3% in number of condo units sold. Typical of the current market, with lots of choice and diversity for the buyer.

The average sale price of a condo was $250,425 in November 2014, as compared to an average sale price of $258,118 in 2013. A decrease of 3% on the average sale price in this real estate sector.

“Properties have taken longer to sell, requiring most sellers to be more patient with the market,”


There were 723 residential houses sold in November 2014 as compared to 714 in November 2013. An increase of 1.3% in the number of houses sold in the residential real estate market in Ottawa. Strong market sector continues in the right direction.

The average sale price for November 2014 was $381,936 compared to an average sale price of $379,163 in 2013. A 0.7% increase in market price. The year has seemed ot have slowed that, but still slight increase in Residential properties.

175 properties were rented by real estate board members in November 2014.


Ottawa is one of the most stable real estate markets in Canada. Prices remain steady in Condos, residential units and multi-units, although volume is experiencing slight declines, particularly in condo sales.

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