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The Bank of Canada’s anxiety over Trump and trade point to a pause for rates

Bank of Canada Deputy Governor Timothy Lane just provided a bevy of reasons why the central bank likely will take a break from raising interest rates, including a stronger currency and uncertainty over whether the North American Free Trade Agreement will survive the reign of Donald Trump.

Lane’s speech in Saskatoon on Sept. 18 was the first by a Bank of Canada leader since the central bank raised interest rates earlier this month. (Senior Deputy Governor Carolyn Wilkins spoke at an event in Ottawa last week, but steered clear of direct commentary on the economy.)

His remarks can’t be considered a roadmap for the future path of interest rates; he made a point of stating that every policy meeting is “live,” meaning the latest data could alter assumptions.

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Market UPDATE:

– September 12th, 2017

Condo sales help set new record for August unit sales

There were 359 condominium properties sold in August 2017 as compared to 294 condos in 2016, for the same month. An increase of 22.1% in number of condo units sold! Aligns securely with lasts’ months near 20% jump.

The average sale price of a condo was $270,768 in August 2017, compared to an average sale price of $271,854 in 2016 for the same month.  A 0.4% decrease over the same time last year.  Despite the slight drop, the Ottawa condo market is alive and kicking folks!

There were 1,179 residential homes sold in August 2017 as compared to 1,187 in August 2016. A 0.7% downward move in the number of houses sold in the resale market in Ottawa. A slight cool off, form the burning hot summer market.

Condo sales continue to strengthen the Ottawa resale market. These numbers also assisted in setting a new record for the number of units sold in August, pushing August 2016 unit sales into second-place. In comparison to last year the number of condo units sold was up 22.1%, whereas residential units have held steady with a less than 1% decrease over this time last year.

The average sale price, of a residential home, for July 2017 was $420,335 compared to an average sale price of $390,775 in 2016 for the same month.  A 7.6% increase since this time last year.

The $300,000 – $400,000, and the $400,001 – $499,999 price range continues to have the highest concentration of properties sold, even though properties above the half million dollar mark are seeing significant increases, followed by the $150,000 – $299,999 range in condominiums. REALTORS assisted in renting roughly 2,153 properties since the beginning of 2017.


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