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City of Ottawa faces biggest urban overhaul in a half century

Zibi, Icon, Lansdowne, Lebreton Flats, LRT, Waterridge Village, NAC, Rideau… Ottawa… What a place to live?

Canadian cities are no strangers to boneheaded urban planning decisions — the Gardiner Expressway blocking access to Toronto’s waterfront, Montreal’s crumbling Turcot interchange, space-sucking viaducts in Vancouver.

But imagine hiding a magnificent waterfall in your downtown core. Take a bow, Ottawa.

“I would think across the country that most people don’t even know what the Chaudiere Falls are,” said Ken Gray, publisher of the popular city blog The Bulldog.

The falls, where a whitewater tempest of the Ottawa River cascades over terraced rocks, has been dammed for hydroelectrity and is also blocked by dozens of empty buildings left over from the lumber and pulp and paper era.

“In its day, before they dammed it and did various things to it, it was an incredibly impressive waterfall, almost a cross between rapids and waterfall.”

http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/ottawa-urban-renewal-1.3419947 READ ON!

Property Management and Rentals

We are also involved in residential property management in Ottawa. We deal directly with clients who want to list their property to rent, and also who need a property manager.

For more information regarding this, contact Larry Balkwill or Conor Mangan at 613-237-2567, info@ottawahomesandcondos.com or by clicking here.

Market UPDATE:


A HOT Summer: Record-breaking June for Ottawa resales! Ottawa residents holiday in May, come back in June, and buy everything.

There were 331 condos sold in June 2016 as compared to 273 condos in 2015, for the same month. An increase of 21.2% in number of condo units sold!! A great time to buy a condo?

The average sale price of a condo was $264,913 in June 2016, compared to an average sale price of $271,433 in 2015 for the same month.  A 2.4% decrease over the same time last year.

There were 1,654 residential houses sold in June 2016 as compared to 1,418 in May 2015. An increase of 16.6% in the number of houses sold in the resale market in Ottawa!

“This past month… turned out to be the highest sales in any month ever in the history of the Ottawa market.” says President of the Ottawa Real Estate Board, Shane Silva.“May is routinely the peak month for units sold (in Ottawa), however, this year June sales increased by 3.3% over May”.

The average sale price, of a residential home, for June 2016 was $399,382 compared to an average sale price of $404,499 in 2015 for the same month.  A 1.3% decrease.  A steadiness that is typical for the Ottawa residential market.

The $300,000 – $400,000 price range continues to have the highest concentration of properties sold followed by the $200,000 to $300,000 range. REALTORS assisted in renting over 1500 properties since the beginning of the year.


Ottawa is one of the most stable real estate markets in Canada. Prices remain steady in Condos, residential units and multi-units, although volume is experiencing slight declines, particularly in condo sales. Re-visit Ottawa Homes and Condos for all the latest updates! We have some great listings on our featured listings page;  New real estate listings on the market!

Given excellent mortgage rates and flat pricing, this is an excellent time to emerge onto the market. Looking for a home? Please contact us. We want to be your agents! 613-237-2567 or 613-298-5101.